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Published: 15th May 2007
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When a company first designs and then launches a website onto the
vastness of the Internet usually the company wonders how the target audience
will be put into direct contact with the content on the website. There
are over eighty million registered domain names and websites that are
currently in operation on the Internet. This is a lot of competition for
someone who has just launched a brand new website. A company may wonder
how their website will appear on search engines, such as how far down
the list and in what order. This is a major concern for many companies
and even for individual websites.

In order to increase foot traffic and visibility it is very important
to list your individual or company website with a free or paid website
directory. What is a website directory? This type of website directory
can be considered to be like a phone book or an address book for
websites. A user of a paid or website directory can easily go to the directory
website and find a website that is listed under the following
categories: arts and entertainment. blogs, business, computers, dating, food and
drink, forums, recreation, regional, religions, games, health, science,
home, shopping, directories, education, financial services, pets, non
English, news, society, travel and sports. Each of these main categories
has several subcategories.

A directory is a simple way for an individual to find a website that is
of their interest. If an individual is looking for a website that
assists them in finding an apartment then the individual only has to go to
the directory and look under the category of home. This is a process
that is fast and easy. Usually an individual can find exactly what the
individual is looking for in a matter of minutes. The convenience of a
paid or website directory is truly unbelievable.

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